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February 2013

5 Top Tips for a Productive National Wedding Show

The National Wedding Show rolls into town soon. Brides, grooms and bridal parties aplenty will be flocking through the doors of London’s Olympia and the Birmingham NEC to gather inspiration, share ideas, and maybe even tie down some of the major elements of the wedding itself.

Generally, it’s an event you only attend once. You only get one crack of the whip, so here’s our top tips for making the most of the day.

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How to choose your wedding photographer

Photographs are the one thing that truly endures from your wedding, and after booking the venue, choosing a photographer is one of the next big decisions you’ll make. On average, couples spend around 10 per cent of their total budget on getting the right person for the job. But when there are literally thousands of wedding photographers out there, how on earth do you decide?

There are three major things you’ll need to consider when making the decision: style, personality, and budget. Let’s break those down…

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A (wedding) day in the life of a Silverton Photographer

Today’s blog comes from Ed, one of our experienced photographers, who has photographed over 300 weddings.

What does a Silverton photographer actually do?

You’ll be so busy enjoying your wedding day that you’ll hardly notice me. I rock up and take a few pictures, right? Let me tell you, it ain’t that easy!

In all, I spend a whole week working on each wedding and the day itself takes a lot of effort to get right. Here’s how it all usually pans out…

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5 Luxury Honeymoons with a Twist

We’re always hearing about the amazing places our couples are planning to visit for their honeymoon. And sure, luxurious over-water bungalows somewhere in the tropics are always a popular choice. But if you’re looking for something a little bit different, these are a few of the most unique resorts and holidays we’ve heard about from our brides and grooms.

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Fairway Tavern | Welwyn Garden City | Hertfordshire

We first met Marcus & Jiyeon at the National Wedding Show, they were both looking for a photographer that would document their day without being intrusive, which meant we were the perfect choice for them.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable day to be a part of and to capture, the guests hospitality was truly amazing (we have a “no drinking on duty” policy at Silverton, but the ushers were so very intent on including me in the celebrations that eventually compromised with a small shandy!)

“When choosing our wedding photographers, we were looking at three things.  Firstly the cost (of course), but the professionalism of the photography company and the quality of the photos taken were really far more important to us. The work we saw on Silverton’s website really reassured us and the regular communication that we had with Will, our photographer, prior to wedding day truly put us at ease so that we were free to enjoy ourselves on our wedding day knowing that it would be captured just as we wanted!

We were really impressed that Silverton were flexible enough to travel to the Wedding venue at no extra charge.  We loved their storybook designs and the fact that it was our choice of photos that were included.

We were extremely pleased with Will, our photographer, on the day and we would recommend him and Silverton Photography to any engaged couple who neecds a Wedding photographer.

Marcus & Jiyeon”

Here are a few images from the day, my favourite is the moment the father gives his daughters hand in marriage, for me the look on his face shows how very proud he was.

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The Essential Wedding Day SOS Kit List

Photo by Anneli Marinovich

Today’s guest blogger is Anna MacDougall.  Undoubtedly the best ever “Go-to Girl” you could ever have for your wedding, easing the pressure on any Bride and Groom during the build up to and celebration of their wedding.  We have seen many an usher and/or bridesmaid burdened with numerous wedding day tasks and “please ensure” lists!  Anna takes all their stresses and worries away too, meaning that you, your closest friends and your family are all free to enjoy the day fully!  She’s also full to the brim of useful tips and tricks to help your day go smoothly and one of the best things she offers (for free) is the bride&glory’s wedding day SOS kit list…

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Photographer Bio – Sabi


I love being a wedding photographer because everything I do is in the context of a happy, fun day.

I enjoy photographing the speeches the most, when fun overtakes formality and the real stories come out. I remember one wedding where the best man’s speech was so emotional that the groom ended up in tears. Capturing these moments is the best part of my job.

What’s been your most embarrassing moment? At my own wedding! During the first kiss I unconsciously touched my wife’s bum and everyone giggled.

What you do in your spare time? Spend time with my wife and three kids. I like road cycling, swimming, relaxing in the sauna and watching comedies.

What’s been the best experience of your life so far? Being at the birth of my children. I was so out of it the first time that the doctor had to remind me to take pictures.

What would be your perfect honeymoon destination? I’d go back to my own honeymoon – in a hunting lodge in a Hungarian forest. It was just the two of us, far from everything and everyone and it was like time stopped for 7 days.

Glass of champagne or cocktail? Champagne in the cocktail!

Featured in Be Minked Blog

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