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September 2013

27 Sep 13 – Bridgette & Ian @ Chicheley Hall

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Chicheley Hall

Bridgette & Ian’s autumn wedding from Chicheley Hall, Buckinghamshire.

I have recently photographed Bridgette & Ian’s wedding at the stunning Chicheley Hall. It was a fantastic venue.

Omg Sabi.. I m going to love you forever !!!! The pictures are beautiful!!! God bless u for capturing our day soooo beautifully… I will recommend u guys to everyone I know..xxxx

“Just received the link to preview the photos taken by Sabi. Thank you so much, they are great. We don’t know how we are going to choose for the album! Thanks again, Bridgette and Ian”

Here a some of my favourite images.


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Photography Terminology

Here is a copy of an article that our very own Will has written and has since been featured on the hitched.co.uk blog!

Photography Terminology

Wedding photography is so important, creating a lasting record and memento of your very special day — but all too often, when you research wedding photography online or first contact your potential photographer, the terminology used can be baffling!

We spoke exclusively to Silverton Photography, where photographer and author Will talked us through some of the most common photographic terms.

Black and White Photography

Non-colour photography is chosen by brides and grooms to create a classic, timeless effect.

Will says: “Black and white photography is great for enhancing the mood of an image, or bringing particular interest to the use of light and composition. Truly timeless, black and white is a better choice for mixed or poor lighting conditions and it can be less distracting, making the happy couple the absolute focus of the shot.”

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Try before you buy! With (free) pre-wedding photo shoots

Recently we did some market research to see what engaged couples biggest fears are with regards to their wedding photography.  When we got the results back,  it was clear there were 3 key fears that everyone shares (at least 2 of each of these 3 were mentioned by every couple in our survey).  They are:

1) “That we won’t look good in our photos”.

2) “Our photographer will be brash or will just not ‘click’ with us and our family”.

3) “The Price!”

Here at Silverton we believe that it is important you choose the right photographer for your day (personality is such a big thing) and that you love your photographs.  This can be a really hard thing for couples to ascertain – from just a website portfolio of “best shots”.  Therefore we have trialled, with great success, a new scheme….

Now, a “Pre-Wedding Photoshoot” or “Engagement Shoot” is not a new concept.  But it IS a great opportunity to do allay the first 2 of the above fears.  As you get to spend time with your photographer and see how they work with you to get your images, plus you get to see how you look in their photographs!!  But this is no good once you’ve booked your photographer – you need to know before.  Therefore, we are now offering you a:

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