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Are You a Groomzilla?

You know the routine that comes after you get engaged, all the old jokes that your mates rib you about down at the pub; ball and chain, trouble and strifeJennie was a real bridezilla, they’ll say, she wore him out planning that wedding.

But what if you’re as keen on getting into the nitty gritty of the wedding details as your fiancée? What if you pounce on planning the perfect day like a dieting bride on wedding cake? Could it be the case that (let’s whisper it) you’re a groomzilla? Let’s see…

1. Do you envy that diamond?

Women have fought for equality for centuries and in many spheres of life, the battle still continues. So why, you might ask, are they the only ones who get to have a diamond? Where’s the equality in that?

While men might love the drama of proposing, more and more blokes are looking for something to show for it. Heavily detailed and pricier groom’s rings are increasing in popularity. We even know of a few guys who have gone and got themselves ‘men-gagement’ rings! If you’re demanding a platinum ring studded with diamonds, an etching of your loved one’s fingerprint, or a voice pattern of your beloved uttering the words “I do”, you might just be edging towards groomzilla-dom.

2. Are the traditional jobs not enough for you?

So let’s see, what’s traditionally on the groom’s list? Well, there’s getting the marriage license, getting the transport sorted, giving a speech, organising the honeymoon, writing his side of the guest list, and showing up at the church on time. Were you expecting a longer list? What about the decorations, the favours, the outfits, the theme?

Your fiancée might appreciate you showing an interest in the big day, but could it be a case of too many cooks spoil the broth? What if you want gerberas and she wants lilies? Do the minutiae of the day really matter to you? If you’re muttering “but it’s my big day too”, keep reading, my friend…

3. Are you suddenly interested in lighting and composition?

We’ve been finding that a lot of grooms are very keen on choosing the wedding photographer. Even guys who have never before shown a particular interest in art or photography are surprising their brides by critiquing potential photographers on their choice of shots, post-editing effects, style and composition.

Maybe it’s because you know that post-wedding, these pictures will be everywhere: featured on those blogs you’ve been reading in your lunch break, on Facebook, maybe even on Pinterest, being re-pinned feverishly by newly-engaged women.

4. Do you want a designer outfit too?

It can be hard, seeing all those bridal magazines, filled with outfits designed to make your bride look utterly breath-taking. But the camera’s on you too, right? And you’ve attended far too many weddings at which the groom and his ushers have to suffer in poorly cut, hired suits while the bride flounces around in her valuable, custom-made gown. If you are thinking about splashing out on a bespoke suit for your special day, you might just be entering groomzilla territory.

5. Do you keep topping up the budget?

Weddings are one of the easiest things in the world to spend money on. There’s always something else you can add into the mix; more drinks, more flowers, more cake, more guests. That’s why couples have to sit down, create a budget and then do their best to stick to it. Groomzillas on the other hand, will always be looking for that extra thing to make the day perfect. Why don’t we just throw in a couple of hundred extra for a round of shots, they might say, or how about hiring those fairground dodgems?

Refusing to compromise on a budget for the day of your dreams? You might just be a groomzilla.

The honest truth

We’re joking of course, there’s nothing wrong with a bride wanting to plan a fantastic day (a so-called bridezilla) and her groom wanting to join in (a so-called groomzilla)! Grooms are getting more and more involved in wedding planning and why not? For many couples, organising such a big event together is a fantastic experience and something you can look back on fondly and with pride. Doing whatever works for you is all that really matters.

But were things all just a little easier when the groom sat back and let his wife-to-be plan the best day of her life? Let us know what you think!