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+ Can our guests take photos at the same time as our photographer?

Yes, of course. Our photographers are not stuffy and have even been known to take photos for the guests on their own cameras! It is advised you look at your photographers camera and not your friend’s; you are paying for those photos after all!

+ Is Silverton Photography adequately insured?

Yes, Silverton is covered by full liability and professional indemnity insurance. Please contact us if proof of insurance is required.

+ How long after the wedding will my photos be ready?

Your photos will be available to view online within 3-6 weeks of your wedding, although we will endeavour to get them online before then.

+ What types of photos will be taken – black and white, colour?

Your photographer will photograph everything in colour. We will choose some photos to be viewed in black and white, as certain photos look better in monochrome. Once you have seen your proofs, you can always ask for any/all of your photos to be converted into black and white, at no extra charge.

+ Do you do group photos and will you accept a list of specific photos to be taken?

Yes, we appreciate that you will have some “must have” photos you want taking. Don’t forget to allow time for your photographer to take reportage (candid) photography, as these photos will reflect the memories you will treasure most from your day.  Don’t worry; he/she will advise you on that.

+ How many photos will be taken and how many will I get?

This will depend on how much coverage you request and how your wedding day unfolds. Normally you will receive around 250 photos, occasionally you are given more. There is no limit to the number of photos a photographer will take, sometimes it can be in excess of a thousand, then we will then remove blinks, blurs and repeated photos to give you the very best selection.

+ Can we have a pre-wedding shoot?

Yes, these are available to you – please ask your photographer for further details.

+ Can we have a second photographer?

Yes – we have a number of options you can choose from.  From photographers who are in the early stages of our training scheme to fully fledged full time photographers.  Just ask for more info & prices.

+ Are there any additional costs such as travel expenses or VAT to be paid?

Silverton does not charge clients for travel or any other expenses incurred on your wedding day (within England & Wales). Plus we have no hidden costs such as VAT.

+ Will my photographer have back up equipment?

Yes, Silverton Photographers always carry at least two cameras and multiple lenses. That way if there is a problem with one of them, there will always be a spare.

+ What happens if my photographer is ill or can’t attend on my wedding day?

This is a question all photographers get asked a lot, fortunately this has not happened to us yet!   We have, however, planned for it just in case.  Taking advantage of the fact that we are a collection of photographers, in the unlikely event that your designated photographer can’t attend your wedding day we have procedures in place to react quickly and efficiently to resolve the issue and you would be kept informed of the situation.

+ Can I get the copyright from the day as well as the Hi-Res images?

Yes, if you are purchasing a ‘hi-res disc of images’ (sometimes included in the attendance package), then after your wedding you will receive a DVD which contains your pictures (saved as full high-resolution jpgs). You will also receive the necessary permissions to print these photos as often as you wish.  Even if you do not have the disc included in your package, you will still have the option to purchase the disc afterwards.

+ The photographer I would like lives a long way from me, is this a problem?

Where possible we like to match local photographers to local venues, although we like to do this as a general rule our photographers provide national coverage so that you can select the photographer of your choice.

+ We would like a consultation to discuss our requirements and see our photographers albums/portfolio. Does this have to be held at our home or wedding venue and how much will it cost?

Consultations with your photographer are always free of charge within 15 miles of their location and can be arranged in the evenings if required. Consultations at your home or wedding venue are also possible, although charges may apply depending on your choice of package, please check at the time of booking for details. (Please note that we will not charge you for fuel costs to attend your wedding).

+ How long will my photographer stay for?

In short, as long as you like!  Our basic package includes the first 5 hours of coverage, which is normally long enough to take you from bridal preparations until the beginning of the wedding breakfast.  You can add 3 hours to include the speeches and first dance, and if 8 hours isn’t enough for your day we can always make a more bespoke quote for you and price it accordingly – just ask!

+ What will my photographer wear on the day?

Silverton Photographers have to abide by certain standards, one of which is a dress code.  An ironed shirt, trousers/skirt and polished shoes are compulsory.  If the weather is cooler then a jumper, waistcoat or suit jacket may be worn.  We do not insist that your photographer has to wear a tie, as they will be working hard and will need unrestricted movement.  Naff looking roll necks, trainers, bright garish colours, shell suits and scruffiness are not tolerated!!:-)

+ I can’t find the answer to my question here, what should I do now?!

You can call our team on 01234 818 760 or send us an email at info@silvertonphotography.co.uk