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The Essential Wedding Day SOS Kit List

Photo by Anneli Marinovich

Today’s guest blogger is Anna MacDougall.  Undoubtedly the best ever “Go-to Girl” you could ever have for your wedding, easing the pressure on any Bride and Groom during the build up to and celebration of their wedding.  We have seen many an usher and/or bridesmaid burdened with numerous wedding day tasks and “please ensure” lists!  Anna takes all their stresses and worries away too, meaning that you, your closest friends and your family are all free to enjoy the day fully!  She’s also full to the brim of useful tips and tricks to help your day go smoothly and one of the best things she offers (for free) is the bride&glory’s wedding day SOS kit list…

Oh hello there – you look nice today!

Let me introduce myself properly: my name is Anna (MacDougall) and I run bride&glory, a Wedding Planning and Coordination Service.

At this point you may think, “thanks but no thanks, I don’t really need a planner”. And how right you are! Like I always say – you don’t necessarily need a planner but you may well want one. And here’s why.

Ever since you started planning your wedding you may have noticed that, aside from your day job, you’ve also had to become full-time event managers. Because that’s what your wedding is: a big event that’ll take roughly 300 hours to pull together. May I ask how many to-do lists and Excel spreadsheets you’re meanwhile working with? Thought so…

The couples I work with all have a few things in common: they’re working to a strict budget (who has money to throw away), they have a pretty clear picture of what they want their day to look like and they are happy planning it – they’d just like to hand their role of event manager over to someone on the day so they get to fully appreciate the wedding day they have spent such a long time organising.

Tadah! This is where I come in by taking over all the operational elements, roughly from about two weeks prior to your wedding day. I’ll write up the schedule for the day, pull together all the necessary contact details, reconfirm all your suppliers know what they’re doing and generally make sure nothing has been overlooked.

And come wedding day, my ever-growing and slightly mad SOS kit rock up to relieve you of any stress and counter any mishaps that might crop up (naughty mishaps). And trust me, my kit is nothing like the movies! It’s a huge basket that’s meanwhile bursting out of its seams and contains everything, from hammer, cable ties and duct tape to pretty straws, blister plasters (darn those heels!) and make-up.

Have a look:

Photo by Kate Hopewell-Smith

Think of me as a really useful ‘Go-to GirI’ who will handle anything you don’t want to or shouldn’t have to on your behalf. And in the spirit of being useful, I prepped some ‘Wedding Day SOS Kit’ cards. They’re a list of essentials any bride should have with her on her wedding day to keep those nerves calm.

Here’s a little sneak preview of some of the items on the list.

  • Baby wipes & cotton buds
  • Medicine (pain relievers, antacids, Imodium, anti-histamines)
  • Blister plasters & gel cushions
  • Extra earing backs
  • Extra pair of tights/hosiery
  • Lint roller & static remover
  • Tailor’s chalk (for stains on wedding gown)
  • Safety pins, sewing kit & super-glue
  • Bottled water & snacks

I’d be happy to send you a ‘proper’ card in the snail mail. Just email me your name and address to anna@brideandglory.co.uk and it’ll be on the way.

I’ll let you get back to planning your dazzling day now but if you ever have any questions, just come and say Hi – I’m always thrilled to hear from brides-to-be.

Toodle pip,