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Wedding Invitation Top Tips

Top tips for wedding invitations by Foto-Fusion

  • Firstly decide what kind of wedding you’re having; formal relaxed, family etc., as this should be reflected in both the wording and the look of your invite. Remember your invitation is often the first taster your guests will have of what to expect at your wedding.
  • Whose doing the inviting is it you, parents or both? Your wording should state this at the beginning then your guests know who to R.S.V.P. back to.
  • Invitations should always have the venue first, then the date and finally the time.

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  • Remember when you add up your guests that you don’t need an invite for each person it just per couple or family. Plus always add a few blank extra just incase.
  • Always add an rsvp date so you have a final number of guests for your venue often they have a deadline when they need to know final numbers.
  • It’s always nice if you have the R.S.V.P. address as well as the e-mail details as guests often like to reply in writing. Or alternatively supply an rsvp card with the envelope already printed.
  • If you’re providing an rsvp card always add a line asking if your guests have any specific dietary requirements incase they might have allergies that need to be catered for.
  • Information sheets are always very useful for your guests adding details such as; venue address and directions, travel information, accommodation recommendations and gift details. Some couples provide their own website details as information sometimes can change.
  •  Within the invite add your guests names this can be done either by the stationary supplier printing them or by handwriting them on a dotted line within the text.

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  • If your stationer is not printing your guests address details on the envelopes then hand write them or get a calligrapher to write them, but do this before you put the card in the envelope you don’t want it pressing through  and spoiling your cards.
  • Some cards that have embellishments or ribbons can end up costing a lot to post so weigh the invites and check as it can cost a lot if they have to be sent as large envelope.
  • If you haven’t sent out save the date cards then consider the date when you’re getting married and if it’s a time when lots of your guests might be away consider sending them out early so that the dates don’t clash.
  • Some venues need to know menu choices on your guests reply. We usually do this by printing the full wedding breakfast menu on the information sheet and then add an abbreviated version on the back of the R.S.V.P. card for guests to add their initials at the top and tick the relevant boxes next to their menu choice.
  • This is one of the most important invites you will ever send out and it’s important to check and double check the spellings and punctuation and get your supplier to provide a physical proof of your individual card.

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