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Wedding Photography Shot List

OK… So we’re wedding mad and talk to everyone about weddings all the time.  What’s the biggest gripe that people have about their wedding photographer?  Yep – you’ve guessed it; they take over the day and the group photos took too long – often well over an hour!  Check out some of the bad feedback we’ve heard about other photographers:

“Our photographer took so long with the groups, we didn’t even get any canapés!”

“My poor grandmother felt like a yo-yo the photographer had her up and down for 4 different group photos, no wonder it took ages… Why didn’t he just do all of the photos with her in at the same time?!”

We know that typically most weddings only have an hour and a half for their drinks reception.  In this time the couple will want to greet all their guests, eat some canapés, drink some fizz and (of course) they need to get all their group photographs captured.  Don’t forget that if the wedding runs late there may be even less time (brides can often be fashionably late – don’t panic when you’re waiting at the altar gents)!  Your caterers will be keen to get the guests seated – the chef quite rightly doesn’t want your meal to spoil!!

So… How do we get it right?  Well, we offer genuine and honest advice.  Our primary goal is to ensure your wedding day is just that Your Wedding and that it doesn’t turn in to a photo shoot.  We aim to get all of your group photographs done within 20-25 minutes.  How do we do this?  We go through your photo list in the weeks before your wedding and offer our thoughts on how to make things run smoother on the day.  Our real key to success, and what we are sharing with you today, is our collection of template photo lists…

Below is our most popular Wedding Photography Shot List, used by 80% of couples.  Note that you do not need to have all of these photos – it is a guide, delete the ones that don’t apply or that you’re not fussed about.

B&G, B’man, Ushers
B&G, B’man, Ushers, B’maids
B&G, B’maids
B&G, POB, Bride’s Siblings & Partners
B&G, POB, Bride’s Siblings
B&G, POG, Groom’s Siblings,
B&G, POG, Groom’s Siblings & Partners
Everyone (from a balcony/window if possible)

Abbreviations: B Bride, Groom, POG Parents of Groom, GPOB Grandparents of Bride, B‘man Bestman, B’maids Bridesmaids


There really is no need to have group photos combinations where one includes the bride, then with the groom then one with both of them.  Of course there may be occasions where you want this (bride with bridesmaids for example) but ask your photographer to get these as casual candid shots earlier in the day during the preparations.  They trick is to make this list as short as possible!!  This will prevent your cheeks from aching and your guests from getting bored!

We have template photo lists for every type of family out there and if your family make up is so different that even we haven’t seen it before, then we’ll write a new list to accommodate and we’ll share it here too to that others can benefit…   Here are some of our other lists, which are also free for you to use:

Is there such thing as a “normal” family?! If so, then this is the list for them:
Typical Family Photo List

Suggested lists for couples that have amicably separated parents:
Bride’s Parents Separated (Amicably)
Groom’s Parents Separated (Amicably)
Both Bride & Groom’s Parents Separated (Amicably)

Suggested lists for couples that have at least one “not so amicably” separated set of parents:
Bride’s Parents Separated (Not so amicably)
Groom’s Parents Separated (Not so amicably)
Both Bride & Groom’s Parents Separated (Not so amicably)

*Please note that our photo lists are Copyright of Silverton Photography and are not to be published any where else, although we encourage other photographers to use them to help their clients’ weddings run smoothly, we kindly ask that you do not publish them as your own work.